Hong Kong’s security laws introduce new period of Chinese control Beijing has forced a pile of national security leads on Hong Kong, introducing another section of Chinese command over the semi-independent region once known as a safe house of political opportunity and common freedom. Chinese and Hong Kong authorities have […]

Hong Kong: hundreds captured as security law becomes effective In excess of 370 nonconformists have been captured as police terminated teargas, pepper shower and water gun at a great many individuals challenging a national security law forced by Beijing. The degree of Beijing’s self-broadcasted command was clarified as full subtleties […]

China compromises ‘countermeasures’ against UK over Hong Kong emergency Beijing has reacted with insubordination to universal analysis of its Hong Kong national security law, undermining countermeasures against the UK and the US and portraying Washington’s endeavors to raise the issue at the UN security board as “trivial”. One day subsequent […]